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idimos ltd is a tour and travel company with headquarters in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. fortunext ltd also provides real estate services, vehicle hire and sales and apartment rental and sales.


fortunext ltd

intanetstore provides websites, hosting and domain names for customers as well as the internet services for fortunext group websites and logostic services from fortunext headquarters in Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. We design and build websites for customers which we host on the fortunext server which is located in Europe for fastest communication with countries throughout europe and eastern countries. We can provide you with websites in correct English at very reasonable prices. We also amend English on existing websites and provide English translations of existing websites. Contact us for an unbelievably reasonable quotation for any of this work by native English speakers.

intanetstore Hosting

Basic Website Hosting

intanetstore Basic Hosting provides a home for your website located on our servers in Europe. Many customers don't want to wait for a website which loads slowly. Being located in Europe means that your potential customers in Europe will have the fastest access to your website because the nearer the server is to your customers, the faster will be the connection. All intanetstore hosting and websites are supplied with "cPanel" control panel for the website.

About Hosting in General

Don't be fooled by companies who offer you a thousand megabytes for your website. Why? The website you are looking at now - this site - complete with pictures etc etc TAKES LESS THAN 5 MEGABYTES. This site without pictures is less than 1 Mb..... What are you going to do with the extra 995 Mb ??? You are paying every month for something you are not going to use!! The same applies to the big offers of 10,000 Mb "bandwidth" per month. When someone visits your site and views your pictures etc, they use your bandwidth, As a rough guide, one page of text has an average size of 10 Kb. That means that for text only, you could average 100 pages in only 1 Mb. If you find that you need extra space we will make it available for you at very little cost depending on requirements. All options have FTP [File Transfer Protocol] account to easily transfer file to your hosting space.

Website Hosting Prices

All include an FTP [File Transfer Protocol] account


We can build your new website completely in English - the international language of the web - for unbelievably low prices. After that you pay a very low monthly payment for us to host your site on our servers, promote it and deliver it right into the middle of your new customers in Europe. Prices depend on the number of pages you require.

Example Website

The website which you are viewing at this moment is an example. This site contains a Frontpage [home page], Services Page [explaining what we do], Hosting Page [showing our hosting offers to your business] and a Contact page [where you can provide an email form which sends directly to your own email address] and where you can show your address and telephone numbers etc.

What we do not offer

We do not allow sales directly from our websites. For example you CAN offer any kind of service and show prices etc for those services but we do not allow the sites to be used for taking payment for those services. The reason for this is simply to avoid credit card fraud. If credit cards are taken, credit card details are taken and it is possible for hackers to access those details.

Selling Exception

We do allow one exception for retailers. If you require sales on your site, we will build and host an "e-commerce" website for you using PayPal checkout.

If you don't know PayPal, it is a credit card service which takes the payment directly from the customer and pays it directly to you for a small commission. For their commission, they check out the credit card to avoid fraud, having checked the card, they guarantee the money to you and also give guarantees to the customer. No cards are taken on your site. At the end of a purchase on your site, the customer is presented with a payment page. That page is not on your site, It is on the PayPal high security site. The customer pays for the item purchased and you receive an email to say you can send the item as the money is immediately available in your account.

Social Icons

Your pages will also have any Social Media icons you wish which will be directed to the social media sites for which you provide the details.

To use a website you must have a domain name. If you require, we can host your site with a shared domain name and your domain would be [] If you require your own domain and don't already have one, we can supply it and host it for you along with your website.

We can build your new website in English - the international language and host it on our servers in Europe. Many websites have English but the English translation is often taken from Google. Unfortunately Google is not perfect and the English translation makes little or no sense to English speakers. Our sites are written entirely by native English speakers so you can be sure that the English is perfect and can therefore be understood by everyone throughout Europe.

Name Per month
Economy Site $50.00
Economy Plus Site $75.00
Silver Site $120.00
Gold Site $200.00

Website prices do not include domain name which must be purchased separately and pointed to your new site. Price quoted is for website only. Monthly hosting fees apply. Websites are not supplied with a cPanel as the sites are managed by us and management charge is included in the monthly hosting fee of $3.99